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SSL keeps connections on the Internet secure. It prevents malicious activity and criminals from modifying or reading or modifying information when it is submitted or transferred. A padlock next to the URL in the address bar means SSL protects the website you are visiting.

Website Security Protects your site from hackers and criminals and keep customers safe.  It also saves your site from being infected by virus or other malicious software.

Website Security & SSL

Today, website security is an issue that many businesses face. With the growing risks of threats such as hackers and viruses increasing day by day, the need for website security and SSL increases at a fast rate.

This is where Clear Solutions comes in. Our website security and SSL service help you ensure that you are running a website that is protected from all kinds of threats. Your transactions and customer data are protected, so you can confidently assure your customers that their data is safe with you.

Our team works round the clock to make sure you get the website security you deserve. Wondering what’s needed for that? You need a free SSL certificate, which Clear Solution can help you get.


SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s the standard technology used for securing an internet connection and safeguarding sensitive data being shared between two systems. An SSL is important for preventing criminals from accessing, reading, and modifying such information that’s being transferred, thereby keeping it safe. The two systems between which information is shared can be a server and a shopping website or a browser or two servers (for instance, a payroll application or any application with personal information).

Wondering what an SSL certificate is? SSL certificates provided by Clear Solution are essentially small data files that can cryptographically set up an encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser. The connection maintains the privacy of all data passed between your web server and your web browser. The umbrellas under which an SSL certificate falls are encryption, validation, and domain number. SSL certificates are processed and granted by a Certificate Authority (CA), which is a software application specifically designed for the purpose.

It’s also important to note that while the primary objective of free SSL is to secure information between your website and server, you get certain SEO benefits as well. In fact, SSL is a part of Google’s search ranking algorithm, meaning you can hit two birds with one stone with our SSL and website security services.

How can Clear Solutions help you?


These are the benefits of Clear Solutions’ website security and SSL service –


  • Protect transactions and customer data with Clear Solutions Website SSL and Security Certificate.
  • Pay up to 90% less and you can get your certificate fast.
  • Protects against session hijacking attacks, including Firesheep.
  • Secure unlimited servers. Compare that to other Certification Authorities that charge for licensing on each server.
  • No technical difference between our certificates and any other major Certification Authority.
  • 9% browser recognition and up to 256-bit encryption.
  • Improve security with our client-side authentication.


Why choose Clear Solutions?


Clear Solutions is committed to helping our clients build professional websites that are not only fast and efficient but also safe and secure. We understand that your data is valuable and important, and we want to help you protect them from any online threat they may face. With our team of experts, you can rest assured that you will have a website that is safe and secure.


At Clear Solutions, we always exceed our customers’ expectations because your satisfaction is our number one priority. This is what makes us stand out from competitors. Regardless of what kind of business or website you have, with us, you can guarantee safety and security.


If you wish to know more about website security and SSL services and how Clear Solutions can help you, get in touch with us today!


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